Known locally as Earles Cement Works, this quarry is set in the very picturesque Hope Valley. It gives much needed employment to those living within the Peak Park. We can't all be rangers, cafe owners or run yoga classes in village halls!! There were times when quarrying companys paid little or no heed to the environment. That has changed and all those who quarry in and around the Peak seem to take pride in the measures they take in protecting and restoring the environment in the course of doing work. One day it will no doubt all cease, until then there are plenty of those of a certain disposition who will ensure things don't get out of hand.

The pictures here were all taken from the top of Pindale. Looking into the quarry you can see the terracing method used to facilitate the extraction of the stone. Its one heck of an operation and blasting can be one or two times a week to keep production going. One of the pictures shows the quarry personnel loading the shot holes with explosives ready for a firing. The last photo is looking towards Mam Tor (The Shivering Mountain) its shear face can be clearly seen.

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Lutz Treczoks Cody