Ecton Hill has both the Rivers Manifold & Dove passing either side of it. Deep within the hill are various mines which make up the collective Ecton Copper Mines. Apes Tor, Salt's, Dutchman's, Clayton, Deep Ecton, Chadwick, Bag, Dale, Waterbank and Swainsley are just some of the mine names. Mining on the hill has gone on since Bronze Age times.

The whole hill and the underground workings are now a Site of Special Scientific Interest, SSSI. There is now the Ecton Mine Educational Trust and the Ecton Hill Study Field Association. Both of these sites give extended information on the workings, there is a video too.

If you decide to visit or pass through the area as a walker please keep to the foot paths as apart from normal wild flowers and the like, the shaft perimeter areas can be unstable even though they are fenced. Please refrain from throwing anything down the shafts, apart from being pointless (you won't hear anything) but you might just injure someone below.

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