The site has been created to explore this type of photography and some associated techniques, such as pole aerial photography and aerial 360 degree panoramas.

As you will see from the various links and references aerial photography has been around for nearly as long as photography itself.

To some it is known as low altitude aerial photography to distinguish it from conventional aerial work.
The key to it all is that the operator has their feet on the ground, some would argue only   just ! ......a camera is raised aloft by some means and

depending on the the camera lens, images are taken and then viewed as is or  processed.

The perspective I think you will agree is simply stunning. Like any form of technical art the image and perspective produced is only limited by the imagination of the observer.

Put a map or chart infront of someone and unless they have some knowledge of being able to interpret what they see it has limited appeal. An aerial photo no matter what the projection gives anyone an instant snapshot of the relationship between them and the environment.

Photo interpretation on the other hand is a totally different subject and requires much training.

There are many disciplines to master to get reasonable results in KAP, not least, patience as you will find out. The rewards in sticking at it are great, even if it is just to get an aerial of where you live.

If this is your first experience of KAP then enjoy and perhaps take a look at the links page where you will find some sites that I hope will inspire you too. There is also a link to the Discussion Group which is a mine of information on all aspects of KAP.

feature Bosley Locks, Nr Macclesfield, Cheshire

CHDK - can all be found HERE

Recent aerials taken in August & September can be seen here

An Aerial View

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